Best architects in Mallorca

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The most outstanding architects of Mallorca

Carrying out a large project can seem overwhelming at first, which is all the more reason to hire the services of a qualified, recognized and experienced architect. Don’t keep looking for the right expert to get the most out of your property: Here you have a highly talented architecture studio for your works on the island.

Studio is a company of professionals focused on quality, respectful and consistent architectural management, design and construction. They have a multidisciplinary team of internal professionals and external collaborators capable of efficiently addressing any challenge.

What to demand from a Majorcan architecture studio?

Personalized advice

One of the most important things that the architecture studio in Mallorca must have is personalized advice and treatment. Always keeping your interests in mind. The study should not want to sell you, but help you. It is often advised not to undertake part or all of the work. They must warn you if the cost of what you ask for is greater than its subsequent value in the real estate market.


  • They should create a budget for you broken down by area, in order to easily reduce the cost, if necessary.
  • This Budget must have an easy, understandable language, supported by images, links, videos and explanations.
  • Material prices calculated according to the real cost.
  • Labor price based on the actual performance of hundreds of previous work items, measured and recorded.
  • Possibility of adjusting the project to your budget, at no additional cost.


The projects trust to be supported by 3D infographics, which help you visualize your finished work. You should be able to see all the pending jobs, reflected in a schedule by dates and colors. It is also important that the architecture studio in Mallorca has a commitment to the completion date.

Another important commitments

  • Commitment not to abandon the work, with an economic penalty.
  • Commitment to maintain budgeted prices. Assume the cost if something gets complicated.
  • Commitment to take care of all the paperwork: all building permits, licenses, occupation of the road for the container, fees, etc.
  • During the work you must be accompanied by the same person who made the budget. This avoids misunderstandings and takes into account the agreed details.
  • Thorough cleaning of your home during and after the work.
  • Commitment to ease of payment: being able to make deferred payments in several months

Trusted architects in mallorca

Studio is an architecture studio in Mallorca with a long history that develops residential housing projects, facilities, urban planning and interior design, as well as real estate appraisals, energy certifications, technical inspections of buildings.

With a team of professionals made up of experienced Architects in Mallorca, the architecture studio is committed to design and the avant-garde without forgetting the functional aspects of any architectural work. They have designed and executed private housing projects, numerous endowment and equipment projects; public and private schools, hotels, administrative and office buildings, socio-cultural centers, university and research buildings, swimming pools, sports centers…

Likewise, rehabilitation projects have been carried out in historical institutional buildings and in classified residential buildings in the historic center of Mallorca. In the field of urban planning, Subsidiary Regulations, Partial Plans, Special and Detailed Plans, and Urbanization Projects for parks and gardens, streets and squares in Mallorca have been carried out.


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